Fox Hollies Begins.....

Fox Hollies is situated on our family property near Cambridge, New Zealand. Not far from town in the beautiful country side we love where we live and felt we would like to share it with guests and travelers that wanted somewhere a little quieter to stay.

Four years ago our property was bareland, not a tree or a fence or buildings to speak of. So much has changed in the past few years and always a work in progress, our property is home to our family and also a few farm animals! 

Hugo the Friesian horse and six of his pals including two cheeky miniature horses Albert and Molly. We also have around 20 Anglo-Nubian Dairy goats and during the winter and spring each year it is not unusual for us to have several hundred dairy kid goats being raised here.

A few overly friendly dogs do tend to like to greet you including a small pug dog named Peanut and a lively Hairy Maclairy lookalike named Ziggy.

There is lot to do in Cambridge and we hope you also enjoy your stay with us at Fox Hollies.

You can choose just accommodation or add some extras for your stay. We offer breakfast, platters and high tea upon request.


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